Red Hot Chili Peppers

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Save This Lady

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I Got More Love Than Anything Else
But A Jezebelle Spirit Gonna Steal My Health
Struck By The Notion That It Just Might Be
A Method To The Madness That I Cannot See

Something For The Freedom Of A Roughed-Up Soul
For The Two Years Young Is A Little Bit Old
Born Named Sue Sing A Tennassee Tune
Got Buffalo Love Living On The Moon

Save This Lady For Me [x4]

Call Me Alabama I'm A Seminole Prize
Got Time Square Hair And A Bedroom Eyes
Keystone Cops And The Billy Bob Chops
Gonna Scare My Kids Gonna Share My Crops

Vampire Blood And A Baseball Love
Justa A Little Bit Of What The Girl Is Made Of
National Crash Into The Big Lampoon
With A Creature Coming Up From The Black Lagoon


Losing Ground True Sounds Of Liberty
The Forest Of The North Might Hold The Key

Rocking To The Rythm Of A Ragtime Band
Black Flag Wave On On My Truck My Man
Blasting For Jones And The Great Unknowns
Got Cheap Cologne Seventy-Six Trombones

Looking For The Lady That Won't Be Afraid
When Heaven Needs A Hammer Gotta Get Things Made
I Got More Love Than Anything Else
But A Jezebelle Spirit Gonna Steal My Health

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