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Darkest Shade of Grey


ouvir : conectando
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Did it ever occur to you that I'm not your enemy?
So tell me how the hell you became my nemesis?
Why do you harbor so much hate inside?
Seem to be so full of anger simply cause I exist
But if you ever consider the emptiness in your soul
To be the side effect of your own design
Perhaps your insecurities will get the best of you
And all of this exist only inside your mind

So tell me why we
All just hurt each other
Why we fuck each other
Why we tear each other apart [6x]

Your transparence is tearing me apart at the seams and
I can't help but staring through you void of personality
You're like a mass without substance
You wear a mask to disguise your attempts of blatant commonality
Your true colors leak from your pores and
It's the darkest shade of grey I feel that anybody's ever seen
Your envy isn't good at pretend'n
It's only making it more obvious for everyone to see

So tell me why we
All just hurt each other
Why we fuck each other
Why we tear each other apart [6x]

Self destruction, you are the catalyst
So hard to function adversary inside a mist
And my assumption is your reason to manifest
The inner ambush engage until there's nothing left
You're always there inside of me guiding me further from the light it seems
despite of my cries to let me live in peace
And there's just gotta be a way to get you outta me but honestly it's ...

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