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The moonlight shines on the New York skyline
Midtown is lit up, the city is mine
As I drive across Queensbridge, I see it clearly
from my P.O.V., this is fact not theory
Yeah that rapper got money, but that rapper can't walk
through this concrete jungle cause he doin it wrong
New York belongs to Don P
You can have the rest of the world, I'm good with these streets
Skyscrapers and, housing buildings
I know about London but, I prefer Brooklyn
I know about Marseilles, but I prefer Queens
And while you hire cops, I prefer my team
I got a powerful army, it's no need for a gun
You want hardcore rap you fuckin with the right one~!
This is maximum strength, it's no need for drugs
You want reality rap, homey you got the right one

Strong enough to take the pain
Inflicted a-gain, and a-gain
What do they call me?
My name, is Str-Strong, Strong

You know what?
Maybe once every, tangerine moon, I'll be in the mood
to paint the town red with your corpuscles
and plasma; some violent art
These thoughts, in the corners of my mind are dark
But then the Times Square lights they switch my whole attitude
Reminds me of billions that loot
I must persist, I must pursue
the rest of my success, I am not through
They tried to put my run to an end
But as sure as the point on the state building I
stand tall, wipe the dirt off
my clothes when I fall down, I'm way too strong
This is my town, my subways and sidewalks
I done ran through these gutters like a tunnel rat pah
Waist deep, inside of the shit
In the midst of the action where people get hit look


Yeah; you ain't never been touched means you don't participate
within the fuckery, you stay comfortably
distant, from pain infliction
Meanwhile I'm flirtin with Death
She put her liptstick, on the collar of my shirt, next to my jugular
I ain't tryin to keep her, I just wanna fuck her
When I pass through I'm too, committed to life
She a bitch but I love her refuse to part from her
I'm, destiny's child I survived it all
The most high got a special plan just for me
My, table is set, with cake for days
I'm a lil' bit late but, it's okay
My future's so bright that I gotta wear shades
I follow in the footsteps of, LL Cool J
50 and P. Diddy, my relentless drive
to thrive and prosper, made me


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