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Northern Ghost


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I'm covered in scars
deeper than an ocean
We bury the truth as a notion
But all these faceless bodies
Tell me what I need to know

I walk the halls of regret
With no end in sight, it's not over yet
We all change when the sun goes down

It's funny we see things
So different in the dark
It's funny how life works
When everything falls apart

So this is what it's like to die
To be on the other side
I'm afraid that I won't catch you
Is it God
Is it me
Who's controlling everything?
Does it matter when I'm begging for a deathwish?

Pull me under
cuz I'm not the same
And I'm not the way
They want me to be
Is this the only thing you seem to notice?
Give me my mind
Give me back my mistakes

I think I need a priest to exercise what's in my head
He took a look at me and told me
I'm already dead

Searching and searching for a deathwish
But something inside is telling me I can't quit
Drag my body
Drag my body
Bring me back to life

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