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Nipsey Hussle

Dre Jackin for Beats

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Yea Neighborhood
Tiny locs do the most
Nip Hussle in this mothafucka Slauson boy you niggas already know what it is
Hood shit
Got on a lil throw back

Like this with so much drama in the RSC most of these niggas in L.A. ain't got the heart to beef
So don't come around my way young niggas in the back shootin dice or on the roof with K's
Now as I step out my spot and put my keys in my car dippin down shaw made a left on high park
Seen some off brand niggas lookin shady through up my hood they started laughin
Tryna to play me 6 0 degrees got me rollin up my sleeves reachin for my rugger that's behind my AC
Fa sheez I pull up on em slow and hell naw I ain't hesitate to squeeze cause I'm a tiny loc
Line presser you might mess up make the wrong
Turn off slauson and learn a life lesson macs with extended magazines
And surpressers strapped cause police ain't on the streets
To protect us trapped in a sting it's all a scheme to collect us
Lock us up in cages that they know ain't gone correct us ya'll done f'ed up from the west
Huh got it on yo mind you should get it off yo chest
Cause a lot of speculation who gone be the next up
Block money till these rappers get they checks up befor you hit the west charge yo sidekicks up
So when you get took for yo chains you can text us between draws and the homie in the red chucks
It's safe to say we got this whole shit sowed up we got this whole shit sowed up
I'm just lookin for some more kush to roll up always smokin that la la la
To keep my brain maintane through drama I'm not the one we jackin for beats
On back streets with aluminum bats toe tag the P.D. that's any jurisdiction
In or out the district 7 7 division a crime scene forensic my 9 blur
The vision of material witness 20 20 to blind now she need proscription
Look cut the lights out twist up a sack cause the feds tappin my hood did you get all that
From the bird to sqaud to the cameras in the back of the route by the field
Were I handle the pack see a nigga like me just had to attcack jr high
I ain't have no sack lunch in fact
I used to flip a quarter get like me for change now I flip quarter kilos of cain and cop a cane

Bullets Ain't Got No Name Vol. 1
Gravadora: All Money In No Money Out, Inc
Faixa: 13

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