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Nipsey Hussle

All Money In (feat. June Summers)

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[Intro: Nipsey Hussle]
Hussle nigga
Slauson Ave
All money in no money out

No need to hate me, I’m supposed to be fly
You supposed to see my name up in lights
All money in, no money out that’s my life
Since you’d rather hate than show me love
[Verse 1: Nipsey Hussle]
I started on the block, then I rose to the top
Took some dollars out my stash, then I froze up my watch
These niggas got the nerve to be mad ‘cause I’m poppin’
Knowin’ damn well I’m on Crenshaw and Slauson
If they want, they can holler, that’s if they want problems
But they don’t cause they frauds, I’m the truth like Iver-
Son these niggas like they fathers
I’m walkin’ out the bank, and I just made a deposit
It’s the second this week, both for a hundred-thousand
Dollars, I’m the definition of a baller
Young fresh nigga no high school diploma, no college
Still my future lookin’ brighter than the lights on my impala
I’ma dog to these bitches, I don’t kiss her, I don’t call her
I’ma kick her out tonight, and I’m not gonna miss her tomorrow
On my Momma, I tell her, “look I got my own problems
Plus I’m married to the game and I’m all about my dollars”

[Hook: June Summers]

[Verse 2: Nipsey Hussle]
I know what you think, you prolly think this shit easy
I can hear you talkin’, hear you talkin’ so greasy
Fuck what you say, ‘cause this rap shit feeds me
Still Sixties on the wall, in all blue graffiti
I never fall, I never fail, and if I do
I bounce back and I prevail times two, mind you
I’m only twenty-two, when I was fresh outta jail
Damn near lost my deal, but a niggas still here
Still fear no man Sincere, no scam
No old school pictures with police shakin’ hands
Always fought, never ran
Always bust, never jam
Never told on no niggas to advance my stance
Some niggas left it up to chance, I had to plot my plan
On the road to the riches and extensive cash
Two thousand on the jeans, I pop expensive tags
And I’m dumpin’ out Kush, that’s expensive ash

[Outro: June Summers]
No need to hate me, I’m supposed to be fly
You supposed to see my name up in lights
All money in, no money out that’s my life
Since you’d rather hate than show me love
They tell you I was G’d up
How I roll through life with my feet up
You can hate it, do you when you see us
But you ain’t like me
They tell you I was G’d up
M.O.B. but the hoes don’t believe us
‘Cause the dudes like you, you do want to be us
But you ain’t like me

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