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[ VERSE 1: Kool G Rap ]
Nigga, my attitude is often anger, the Boston Strangler
Bad decision, a vision of a coffin, I'm danger
Hawk and a banger, stab you with a fork in the fingers
Stalkin a stranger, vocal cords caught on a hanger
That's funny, I dead honies, I'm Ted Bundy, the threads bummy
Lead dummies, make your head runny, the Feds want me
I'm John Wilkes Booth on your mom duke's stoop
And I shoot cause your moms spilled soup on the Don's silk suit
Got on Vietnam steel boots, the palm's filled, duke
Firearm to her duke, shoot, half of her arm peeled loose
I'm the truth, I'm Charlie Manson on Harley's glancin at Holly's mansions
Catch couples in parks be lampin in RV's campin
Watchin your bitch undress down to the bra, me pantin
What I do when I start advancin is hardly handsome
I'm Ed Gein, by a red stain, it's red rain
Machetes swing, to your neck vein till your head hang
Desis bang, be a stretched lame when your chest drain
In the wet rain, I dump bodies off in the left lane
I'm Jack the Ripper, in fact Rap's trappin 'em quicker
Rat in her slippers, decorate her back with the scissors
Like the bitches with Jack Tripper, flatten her figure
Garden tools, the axe and the clippers, I actually rip her


[ VERSE 2: Necro ]
Killing fags like Jeff Dahmer that dress in Dolce & Gabbana
I'II eat the flesh off your mama, just like a possessed piranha
The Unabomber, decapitated eunuch, hack it
Blade under my bomberjacket
Bitch, I ejaculate embalming fluid
Depraved and perverted like David Berkowitz
Circa '76, lurk the city, to murk an average working stiff
When I put in savage work I get stiff
Leave you dead stiff for scavenger birds
The lead fifth will damage you quick
Dark room with amateur pics, daddy-o
Peeping your patterns to formulate my blood splattering patterns left on your patio
John Lil Wayne Gacy, killing fat bitches like Macy Gray
Panicking, then dressing 'em up like mannequins in Macy's
And Lord & Taylor, I'm the Sith Lord, The Impaler
(Bedelia, where's my cake, you dirty bitch!)
The Zodiac Killer, takin photos on Kodak and send 'em to Kojak
Load up the Mac, attack a McDonalds, and whack you while you eat your Big Mac
You survive, you'll carry around a shit sack
You shit sack, enter Burger King like Douglas and click-clack
Richie Cunningham Ramirez, cut you like ham on Christmas
Cause you're as queer as Charlie Hunnam was on Queer As
Folk, but I'd rather poke
Ciara's ass-hole while she does the two-step on my penis, then slit her throat
For the orgasm, she'll spasm while I jizz
It's a cata-clit-clysm
Give her an anus aneurysm when the gat is shoved in
Cunt Rag

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