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[Verse 1: Necro]

Clap you in the beak with the snub-nose heat
Wrap a towel around your head like a sheik to stop the blood leak
Slaughter your aorta, your heart forfeits
Hang you up, Columbian Necktie, gore drips
Lay you out like Dexter, Fag, it's my career
Dissect you, in a hefty bag, you'll dissappear
A sarcastic, smartass punk
Now you're a carcass in my trunk, dropped in the garbage dump
Never to be seen again, or heard of
The Godfathers method, efficient, assembly line, murder
Slice you with the machete, like Iron Maiden Eddie
Then sit down, and eat meatball and spaghetti
A new breed of New York thugs is born yo
Ruthless, violent, greedy, drugs and porno
Roy DeMeo, pushing the boy and yayo
Employ young boys to sling, the king, lay low


Teflon Dons with the long nose kronze, blast through your kevlar
Plant car bombs
Untouchable, Leave a bitch face split, we're like a second government
A dictatorship
Teflon Dons with the Revlon Blondes, got an army of serial killers
And ex-cons
Untouchable, give you a face lift, we're like a second government
We dictate with clips!

[Verse 2: Kool G Rap]

Yeah, Corporate money. gorgeous honies
Tommy guns roar like The Roaring Twenties
G Corleone in an office with Sonny
Round magazine bullets lost in your tummy
Blaze your lights out, your lifestyle crumby
Keep running your mouth, you get found in a drum b
Real life mobster shit, Red Lobster hits
Pop your shit, with a box of clips
Head shots till your top is split
Best spot, Nigga, red dot shit where they dock the ships
Blast off with a torch like Mad Dog Coll, and Sawed-off double barrel
Your back bone bulging
Red Stained white sheet where the target lay
Inside the barbershop, toast to Chardonnay
You get done in the harshest way
Joey Zasa style, catch 'em in the crowd at the marching parade, Ok?

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