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Monster [Explicit]

Meek Mill

ouvir : conectando
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The money turned me into a monster
The money turned my noodles into pasta
The money turned my tuna into lobster
They want to do me I maneuver like a mobster

[Verse 1]
4 A.M. I'm on the north side of Philly
Riding around like these haters don't want to kill me
It's a shame how they hate on me you gotta feel me
I started out with a dollar and got a milli
I'm like do it for the gram ho, do it for the gram ho
She don't want to bust it I say do it for them bands yo
I say do it for them bands fucking with that broke nigga you should do it for your man
Lately I've been on the low with a ho that you probably know
Took her to the crib and met momma right at the door
Momma started smiling like momma I got to go
I done took so many trophies to momma that momma know
I said a real nigga, I get that money pay them bills nigga
My momma told me "you a real nigga"
And I be hanging with them real killers
Now what a feeling when you looking at the latest whip and knowing you can cop it
Or looking at the baddest bitch and knowing you could pop it
The youngest nigga in my city doing it I got it
On another level with Benjamin and money is the topic


I put my jeweler on his feet
Hundred thou I used to do that every week
Never sleep its funny how I never speak
You see a foreign in my city that was me

Verse [2]
That was us, never sweet
We went to war niggas riding down the street
Popping that pistol they talking they never did
Dropping the nickel with something that never cease
I've been sitting on that money like a chair
I've been getting to that money all year
All year and my niggas all here
But we started from the bottom we was selling hard squares
Baddest bitch in the game wearing my chain I'm ready
Switching lanes in that Mulsanne like I'm Andretti
I do the Balmain, Balenciaga, no Giuseppe
If they sleep on Meek Milly I kill these niggas like I was Freddy
I eat that pussy like a monster
She gon' ride this dick she need a sponsor
You could tell I'm Philly from my posture
And we be whipping coca like its pasta
I be on money, 2 milly 4 milly no I need more money
I get that "see a bad bitch and be like how you doing" money
They be like how you doing honey oh

[Hook] + [Post-Hook]

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