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The Velvet Trail

Marc Almond

ouvir : conectando
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Lead me down the velvet trail
To the single and the sea
Jet fighters flying over head
Feeling melancholy
Jet fighters flying over head
Leaving trails across the sky
Fly into the setting sun
Summer leaves without goodbye
I wandered down the old arcade
Where teenage dreams are one and lost
Just a few old dirty coins
Mean so much when you are young
And the rain starts to fall
Splashing off the carousel
Now all the horses look for loss
So many memories to mourn
Things will never be the same
Painted faces fading fast
And like the spark of youthful hope
Those smiles were never meant to last
I can see the sea
Too busy looking out for me
So leave me down the velvet trail
Where my summers used to be
The grass is wild and overgrown
I walked the trail all on my own
Where the foxes made its lair
My memories are found in there
And the night (??) looks for shells
One for sorrow, two for joy
Steal away my shining things
Steal the treasure from the boy
Once there was you and there was me
Both so young and so carefree
Back when the beach had golden sand
And dreams we held within our hand
Or was this just our golden age?
And as the movie fades to blank
The gold never ours to keep
We always have to give it back
Lead me down the velvet trail
To things that were and never was
I'm to see who last comes in
And all my memories are lost
Lead me down the velvet trail
As the rain begins to fall
All the pathways that I walked
I don't remember now at all

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