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I am burning away
I can't face these demons in my brain

So this is what it’s come to
Holding secrets, broken lies?
And now only my demons
Can make me feel alive?
Promises are broken
Stainless hearts are torn in two
Not another word is spoken
As I burn away with you

Woah, woah
I never meant to let it go this far. But now you’re like a cancer
Like a wildfire
Spreading in my brain
Throughout my veins
I can’t seem to shake this fever
I’m up in flames

So this is where we stand now
Only ashes on the ground?
I will rise again to face you
With the new strength that I’ve found. I know every time is different
But the outcome is the same
I am trapped inside your walls
Being swallowed by the flames


I’m inhaling all the smoke
Trying to suffocate your rage
As I’m breathing in the fumes
Making my way out of this cage


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