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To the Top (Feat. Jane Lui)

Kero One

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I see the flowers move in the breeze
As gentle rains shower the trees
A sunray peeks its head in lightly
To find the gloom, loom ahead so feisty
Not trying to budge, it likes how it's living
Dark days pave the way on its mission
For many months these fields hovered with clouds
Where kids would run around in boots covered with puddles
Dog barks were muzzled by raindrops and thunder
Birds migrate under trees and take cover
Ready for change, it's been this way to long G
Sunshine's life but some disagree strongly
And that's the beauty, some take photos of sunny halos
Others are waiting for double rainbows
Still a few like the view when its grey
And some don't give a damn dumping cans into the bay
But make way...

It's rising, it's floating away
It's rising, I can feel it's warm embrace

Seven thousand miles across the globe
Upon a home a new day dawns
Indigenous tribes living minimal lives
Under picturesque skies colored blue crayon
Visualize, waterfalls that land upon
Lush landscapes in the Amazon
Where deforestation turns the cameras on
That governments hide or put a bandage on
But the sun is rising, everyday it makes its way
To expose those this hiding, as the darkness fades away
And as the light comes out, you hear the chatter
Kids swim the river, so the heat don't matter
Men hunt the jungles with spears and daggers
While the sun climbs the rungs of its ladder
And that's the beauty, some chill in jungles of brazil
Others live on hills, mansions with mills
Still a few like the bay
And some don't give a damn clearing land to get paid
But make way...

It's rising, it's floating away
It's rising, I can feel it's warm embrace

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