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The Last Train (Feat. Shing02)

Kero One

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‘Cause if you miss the last train
then you’re stuck ‘till the first
In a land where there’s no last call for alcohol
Kids in the hall will get crushed
‘till their heads burst
Fingers out of focus with the deep thirst
For hydration libation line up like a patient
Waiting for a shot from a medic occupation
Such is life afterhours under pass tracks
The barracks called clubs
And cig butts fill the cracks
I ask the operator don’t use the smoke machine
go easy on the lights with the maximum sheen
I tell the kid in the front row to put it out
And he’s the first one
to flick a lighter no doubt
we building castles in the clouds
with the guards gone
even the ghosts join the party
and you know it’s on
unless I take a cab back to the hotel
or made the last train after all so don’t tell

I’m on that first train getting in

I’m on the last train leaving

I’m on that first train getting in
I’m out of breath barely breathing

I’m on that first train getting in

I’m on the last train skipping town

I’m on that first train getting in

This is my life so believe it

the years ’03, first tour in Japan,
rocking shows in Tokyo taking photos with fans
next stop Tohoku region
where I’ll be meeting
Gaggle ,Dj Mitsu ,the Jazzy Sport family
in Sendai city, population 1 mill
who knew in 5 years,
this bustling city would be still
but now its alive
and well with every street's filled,
students in uniform,
black suits dropping bills
painting izakaya’s ebony,
boredom's the enemy,
they glance,
as we pass lugging merch up the mezzanine,
sound check,
mic check the shows wrecked,
sake and Gyūtan, before the sun sets,
a couple hours of sleep
and we're off to the next,
leaving behind snow
and clouds of fog from my breath
we board the train

So another day under the belt,
another one for the books
job like no other
let’s get this show on the road
I can wake up not knowing
where I am sometimes I’m so tired,
forgetting who I am
then it comes back when my dream disappears
like a screensaver game of life,
time to pack and jam

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