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Return of Kinetic

Kero One

ouvir : conectando
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It's the return of Kinetic Entity Resurrecting
Origins of the 90's, listen witness me bless it
I'm tired of those methods, formulas and message
Watered down authors offer me nothing impressive
Let's build each other up, like the tower of Babel
Dodging bullets of lies lodged in their eyes with shrapnel
My duties to rap well, produce beats and blast it
You've all been given gifts, its your duty to unwrap it
From fetal kicks to caskets, some trapped by the evil one
What have we become, naive or numb? of what's to come
What if the poor could leave the slums?
Or we could feed the bums
And teach the sons & daughters
To swim against the water upstream
We dream that war could take a backseat for peace
But we all want justice, in this world full of deceit
So what's the problem of humanity, is it suffering?
Or sin? that started within and kept trucking
Generations look bleak, the cycle repeats
Lust, power, and greed, pride, envy, deceit
Now who'll be the chosen ones to shower the seeds?
From dark storms and thunder comes flowers and leaves
They talk a lot of game but who’s really willing to bleed?
It took a leader to die for us so we could be free
There's hope with a pinhole of light there
To throw Goliath off the high chair, no need to fight fair
Chucking stones against the bones of your worst nightmare
Let your mind go and you can find life there...


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