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Father (Feat. Suhn)

Kero One

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Father, would you be there for me...
Father, I know you'll be there for me...

You brought her into this world as a labor pain
Her father wanted to leave put her on layaway
Just a little mistake from his player days
But her mom wanted to keep her and see her babies face..
Throughout her life, her dad would come and go
Get locked up in jail, then get out off on bail
Back to sniffing coke, skiing those bunny slopes
But the fresh white snow would always leave a trail
And his girl grew up before he knew it
Trying be a human, but he kind of blew it
Too late, to fake his role, today
She grew, to hate her dad, touché
And now she's having a child her own
With a man manned with qualities she's never known
All grown, she's having a child her own
With a man that'll show her what fathers are for

Father, would you be there for me...
Father, I know you'll be there for me...

And then you brought their child to this world, through c section
Not the original plan, so she's stressing
Her man squeezed her hand, to be present
Reminding her she's not alone in this second
A beautiful boy, of course he is
There's no way they could fathom him in an orphanage
So he grew up, loved, cared and
His parents fought in the basement to spare him
Highly respectable, shouting was a rare thing
Speaking the human way, like how are you today?
Around the dinner table, they could communicate
Far from a television to stare in
But years pass the dinner table has lost its polish
Fathers hairs turned grey, while son was off in college
Talking decreased, he wasn't often calling
His son became a man of his own yo
His father deceased now he's commanding the throne
Tears trickled slow, embraced the cheeks of his bone
Showered with guilt he spent weeks all alone
Wishing father was here to witness his goes

Father, would you be there for me...
Father, I know you'll be there for me...

You brought me into this world as a labor pain
Neighbors came with gifts in this babies name
Moms carried the burden for 9 months
And when I'd kick and punch, you couldn't take her pain away
Hopes and dreams for your child its the strangest day
Though you hoped for the best you'd let me stray away
With the choice to choose, you let me view
The world, through a wide angle lens I think it's safe to say
The love of a father who cared deeply
Who knew justice would come when thieves beat me
Who felt the pain of my woes, but let me fall so I'd grow
Keeping me on my toes, just to teach me
And all along u knew med school wouldn't work for me
Knowing I'd burn emcees with more degrees than PhD
You knew those school kids would be a jerk to me
But it made me strong, did you use sin purposely?
And I confess to some degree my uncertainty
I know there's nothing worse than one's unbelief
But when I fell, you're hands was always under me
When I acted invincible, you always did humble me
You're all knowing, just and perfect
I wish it could be simple so we'd see below the surface
Giving us meaning, direction, and purpose
The only father since birth, heaven and earth

Father, would you be there for me...
Father, I know you'll be there for me...

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