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Kendrick Lamar

Enjoy (feat. 9th Wonder - Murs & Warren G)

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[Verse 1: Warren G]
Yeah give respect to the trigger finger
I’ve been pushed that line since grade school of fools
Since I touch down bitches they wanna fuck now
But they can’t get it she got ass with a nose like
Pippen, my Pimpin it ain't never scared
My Pimpin it ain't never scared
Got real estate over there and hustle over here
Dare nigga tryin to take it he gonna fake it till he make it
Shawty break em like a bracelet that's real talk
Shit don’t you snitch if you get caught
You already know if you do then you dead
And now niggas in the hood trading cush for your baby mama throat
But suck it up bitch deal with it huh
Ain't no glitch in my computer
Bangin beats for the gudda paper planes no hookahs yeah
I'm the driver and the shooter and the taxi
I dare you motherfuckers get at me
I dare you motherfuckers get at me

Enjoy (Repeat x6)
But I take it real back to 1994 listen to me

[Verse 2: Murs]
See I grow up with the blue team before there was a ustream
Seen a lot of niggas knocked out over shoe strings
Rhyming on these beats since the 90s I’m a factor
Here with this career until i’m in the here after
Classic With this mic like Mike when he was blacker and you
You and remind of me when I was wacker
I read lines and bring drama like a actor
But I’m so Hollywood that you would think that I’m a rapper
You think I got it backwards but It really doesn’t matter
Producer meets the rapper he’s the former I’m the latter
Spacing out this bar so you niggas cloud climb on
I'm proof that you could still make loot and keep your rhymes strong
Burn out the industry as hot as my performance be
The mainstreams dream meets the nightmare of normalcy
The anti of every thing cool
Still most likely to succeed cuz there ain't no rules


[Verse 3: Kendrick Lamar]
My nigga we out here, four door Cutlass
Ain't enough room for your luggage
Don't trip
You fabricate to the public we don’t believe shit
Believe it or not call your bluff then leave your ass wit knots
The juggernaut is in your rectum, call Pac and resurrect him
I'm sure to cause a spectrum
Especially with my mental telepathy start to f' em aka fuck'em
Aka nothings in my way once I start b-b-bucking
Fuck up your function and your house party my life's shortly about fortune and vice
If the feds caught me I tread softly the judge toss me life
And your autopsy and my posse came through properly right
Everyone's watching me alright if your not watching me like
Sent my big cousin a kite got my shit buzzing when there wasn't even a doorbell, a insect or light year in sight
Amen now won't you be a man and pay respects
Enjoy as we progress destroy ya baby steps
Enjoy Son Enjoy son
Enjoy Son Enjoy son
Enjoy Son

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