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Jaden Smith

New Direction

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It's a monster
It's a monster
Money, money
It's a monster

Pack after pack after pack
Tell paparazzi relax
I never look for the trap
You heard, we already know where it's at

Huh, I don't react, I'ma just look at the stacks
Uh, uh-uh, why you gotta flex like that?
Wait, yeah, I only care 'bout the racks
Tryna finagle the tax
Start a company and look at the facts
I'm out the country, they know where I'm at
They tryna come for me but know they can't fuck with me
We love the way you kill the fashion
I hope you know that was just a distraction, nigga

Pack after pack after pack
Tell paparazzi relax
I never look for the trap
You heard, we already know where it's at, okay

Left with a package, runners are bringing it back, okay
And all of these blogs, nigga, I give a fuck what they say
I'm back in the place, girl yell at the DJ to back up the bass
I'm on the way, Room 49, 42 in the safe, yeah
Nobody's safe, the packs are laced, say she wanna taste
They smashed the guts in my face, but I can roll Backwood again, okay, okay
Ayy, I am really with the shit
Big bag full of pink packs, got a Kit-Kat in the whip, yeah
This that new drip
She like the whole clique
She need that, she like, "I wish, oh, I wish"
I'm in, so stylish
I ain't gotta tell you what I get
Fuck the high, nigga, you a toilet

Push packs through the border, move faster
Secret space pole, grab my...
Main bedroom in the house is called the master
They'll never think they on the 'Gram with
Think it's time to tell 'em who I am
Just so they can fully understand
They put the fire on my head
Always pick truth, never dare
Cups in the air
We don't give a fuck, send the add'

I don't understand
Why you got a hundred fifty thousand in your hand, nigga, wait
Y'all just building castles in the sand, nigga, wait
Flexing in the Falcon, fuck a Lam', nigga, wait
Shit, why you always playin', huh?
I drip a wrist, spin up in the ship
Way too far with the images
Niggas think I'm the new Wiz
All these gold bricks I'm skippin' in
They think I'm acting different just 'cause now I'm tryna flip dividends
Gold throne that I'm sitting in
Rose gold, kiss venomous
Big drip down in Africa
This year, just how I did in Flint
I tried to tell 'em all, they wasn't listening
I think it worked to my benefit
Only seein' nothin' but the benefits
I just pray to God that somebody get a grip
They yellin' and tellin' me let 'em live
I'm guessing the vision's ahead of 'em

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