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Jaden Smith


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I'm staring at a butterfly in the sky (In the sky)
And the stars, waiting for the sun to rise
There she lies, in my arms
I'm a sucker for the summer nights, girl
Getting high on the farm
Let's live it up 'cause I don't wanna die (Don't wanna die)

Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, hmm
Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, hmm

Soft skin like moonstones, woah, woah
Tequila got me too close now, woah, ooh
Sunrise, sunrise, sunrise
I'ma tell a story, I can summarize
In my head, I said I **** you like a hundred times
Let the bus take you home, fuck a Uber ride
Girl I'm too excited, what it do tonight?
I would stay with you right now, I got this stupid flight
Girl, I wanna see, do you wanna get me
Or do we have a thing?
I call, you don't ring, I got too many rings

Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, hmm

I don't know if you want me, girl there's a lot of us
You been doin' things, yeah we proud of ya
Been puttin' in that work, like that body does
They get on the bus, you better ride with us
You better ride with us (You better ride)
(Oh, oh-ah, hold me tight
All those nights I cried, I don't know why)

All issues disappear soon as I can cough
No soft tissues, my tears fell and froze
Now my collarbone's all crystals
A small gesture goes a long way in this dark prism
Your stare's a silent pistol, the boy was your only victim
Like you're so freakin' far out of my league, I been really trippin'
I forgot how we was livin', my niggas just got evicted
I picked a golden pencil out my pocket and gettin' busy
They told me it's all written
I been on tour, rollin' ****
On the bus and I'm sittin', really just reminiscing
Like one day, she'll get the vision
When I build her the house with all the glass and the marble kitchen
'Til then, we retrofittin' the Honda Civic
And whippin' the X through the city
Eatin' pasta at the Commons like it's my business
Promise I'm God's witness, and you a goddess
Birthday's coming up
My niggas said don't get you nothing too expensive
You say it's too expected
If it was up to me, I'd put the rose petals down for you, girl
At your every entrance
Flex is too extensive, sometimes it get offensive
So in reality, I'm in the cut of the club with my jaw clenched
And tinted lenses, even more expected, fuck
She said, "I love our friendship"
My heart dropped when I saw you sent it
And if you ever got a sign from my eyes, girl just know I meant it
I just wish that night never ended, fuck

'Cause girl, if it's up to me, it's up to me, you're mine
But I just think you and me might really need some time
'Cause we can't base our whole damn life off just one night
If you say that we're just friends, I say you're right
(The water flooded the ocean)
Oh, oh
(Let's run away
Don't worry about the end, I'll see you soon)

Down by home, I've seen this road before
I don't know if your soul can pay the toll
Down by home, I've seen this road before
I don't know if your soul can pay the toll
Down by home, I've seen this road before
(We only met one night, but in our future I saw a thousand lives)
I don't know
(Fingertips felt down your back 'til I found your spine, am I still alive?)
If your soul can pay the toll
(Vilified by my sinful eyes
When I leave your side I begin to cry, I'm traumatized
Long strolls behind Abbey Road
We're so cold that the autumn died, it's all in the eyes)
Down by home
(It's probably how I find the way
That you standing through space and time, a contortion of ions)
I've seen this road before
(The way that I see it, the way that you sleeping
For me there's no portion of lying, absorbed in the nightfall)
I don't know
(Let bygones be bygones
So I crawl home with no shoulder to cry on)
If your soul can pay the toll
(No crushing ****, no houses send flowers)
Syre cried a flowing river into the valley where the sun set for hours
And on the banks of these rivers, these poems were written for miles
About the boy who chased the sunset in his unsettling trials

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