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Wshores Galore

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[Verse 1: Opio]
While I'm burning my left eye
Screaming from the weed smoke
Shirley out in Bedstuy, she be saying "He's dope!"
Veronica the photographer from Santa Monica
Said I killed at Rock the Bells
That's why I got Julie high
But she said we was better at the Ruby Skye
Who am I to deny that she roll with Gestapo
Down in Boulder, Colorado at the Fox we rock shows
Ask Miranda and Tiffany
The last show at Epiphany's we rip MCs
Rock shit I'mma keep it real, though
When I'm in the Bay, man I get it at the Fillmore
Got Jill so faded she damn near faded in the backspace blazing
Whiling, met Caroline Fall at a ball reminiscing about the Maritime Hall
At all

[Verse 2: Tajai]
We did it right
Same shit, different night
Speaking softly, passing the Bic
Stick a light between us
Sipping caipirinhas
With Hifey Genia [?]
For the sess we shock out at the sesqui[?], rock it
Big up to Roxxy and the dames at the Dame
And my boo name, Ciless[?], we met at Foo Fooday
Electric before riding down to the higher ground
The La-la eyes don't lie, she the highest now

[Verse 3: Phesto Dee]
It's the prince of the first dance
Twin City style with my Hiero committee bitties at the velvety lounge
Paton rules, had to move, at the Spanish room
And her June had an attitude 'til I hit lap two
So I must be eloquent
Cause it means lights out for busty Melanie from her rusty pelican
Belly Up, gasping in Aspen with Jasmine
Holding my fashion for flashing that classic shit

The Kitchen
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