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Passing Fads

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[Verse 1: Pep Love]
Here I stand, creeping out this rap landscape
Full of them bullshitters, critters, them crooks and fakes
I got my big stick, not on no bitch shit
Fuck about a critic on a blog stroking his dick
It's not about you, it's about me
I guess you thought you was one of the Powers That Be
We been around, huh, you new in town
And I know soon as you hear that booming sound you'll be moving out
They wanna go viral, I wanna go Hiero
While they taking shortcuts I'll be on the highroad
To my dream, with my legendary team
To infinity we rise above [?] schemes
I let these willows of the wisp disappear in the mist
While the Sphinx and the Pyramid still here
Yeah, like this
Put the obelisk to the disk
I still exist while they just

[Hook: Pep Love]
(Here today, gone tomorrow)
They just a passing fad, we making classics
That make 'em clap and dance
Before you've even had a chance
You was (here today, gone tomorrow)
It's like here today, gone the next

I want the cash, for bump the sex

[Verse 2: Tajai]
You're into me, I'm into you
We done chopped it to bits 'bout what we finna do
About we finna go, paper we finna check
Whips we finna roll, girl is you finished yet?
I ain't so easily gassed, I don't get pumped up
All that drag sound like WAMP WAMP WAMP
I know it's just some game
But it's so fun to play
I hit you with this thing and you gon' wanna stay
So quit your wondering
All that conjecture killing
I got definitive proof and I'mma let you feel it
You want to use me like a toy but I'm game though
Oh he been there looking for some powerful graysco
I'm trying to lose my socks, yeah but keep freedom
You been trying to find forever, let me know when you meet him
Yeah I'm a gentleman, no I don't mistreat 'em
But I be in the win the minute that I beat 'em


Enslave the masses, bomb the rest

[Verse 3: Phesto]
I was stricken with the diction it was written
An Egyptian inscription, their history is twisted
Contradiction after contradiction plot is thickening
Private prison industry complex is big business
Propaganda, you just want to slander the image
We kill a court through the speed of light, bear witness
Coming through the third eye, the storm is Hieroglyphics
Your nonsense with the highest form of assistance
Dictators, traitors, imitators, haters
Entertainers tainted by purveyors of the paper
Them real gangsters international bankers
Moving them tankers with flammable vapors
Taxable capital gains, collateral acres
It's a fool you've been tooled if you happen to be famous
For fifteen sucked dry for their 'state
It's their lasting legacy stainless, they just


You want the fame, I want the checks

The Kitchen
Gravadora: Hieroglyphics Imperium
Faixa: 17

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