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[Verse 1: Pep Love]
(Silly, really--) lab rats
Trying to get them cash stacks
Pass the doobie, but first ask that
Blast off to astronomical space, when they turn up the bass
Baby ass go round and round
She been eating her greens
I've been getting my green
There's a space in her waist I've been tryna fit in between
No disrespect shown or seen
But these step infected niggas tryna clone the king
And they cling where my nuts swing
Usurpers of the throne will remain unseen
When I'm on the microphone my style is a smile
Shining while you hoes whining and cosigning
I'm wild and versatile
Your defeat is irreversible
I rehearse a flow to curse a foe and throw the first blow
The funk is immersed in soul
The rhythm take form then we take control

[Hook: Opio]
Free your mind, your ass will follow
Calculate, don't doubt the great
Cause I'm out to take the crown from fakes
And pound 'em silly

[Verse 2: Del the Funky Homosapien]
Militant and diligent minded
On any rhythm that I'm cosigning
When matters get thick
Which is cataclysmic
Like crashing through bricks and to acting with this
I'm cold, y'all frostbitten instantly
Fucking with my infantry
Sold in a symphony
You hoes wanna mention me?
Miraculously chapping your lips
Mastering what rap is
They so illiterate
Spit a flow, light up your dome like a cigarette
Down to the filter, now you familiar

[Verse 3: Tajai]
We bum-rushing and crushing
Snatching and taxing
You cram to understand but you're band with whacking
I could slow up the speed but that'll hold up the fiends
So I'mma show the receipt
Give up fo what you need, indeed
Heed this speech, ingest it intravenously
Main line, I craft the tailor-made lines
With a love for this craft that paper can't buy
We thug on you scabs just for breaking our line
Cause we pick it and the wickity WICK WICK
Wiggity participants forgetting the music perceived industry
If you with it then we can achieve instantly
If you wizard then there ain't no defense from me
I gets imperial position and attention to the editing
Original heredity is heavy and it's deadly
And it's spreading and it's heading your way
So get ready


[Verse 4: Opio]
Whenever I'm into my zone
You know Opi- Opi are fighting homes
Riding through the streets of Oakland, California
Blowing trees and smoking Indica
Smoking Indonesia with my people and we about to free your mind
Free your mind, your ass will follow
Calculate, don't doubt the great
Cause I'm out to take the crown from fakes
And pound 'em silly
Really for the times that we live
Let's build many never-wrote lines like this shit
It's intricate lines vs. simpleton minds
When temperature climbs like Tienanmen crimes
I'm hot, y'all mild like cinnamon
Shrines I enter them, find my center then
Climb right into them
Annihilate these nickel and dime
Furious styles all mind and more defeminine
Blow a hole through your front door, you think you're picking 'em
Watch your back I put your knot on flat

New style {scratched in}

The Kitchen
Gravadora: Hieroglyphics Imperium
Faixa: 6

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