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[Verse 1: A-Plus]
Check it
Free at last, free at last
Now Hieroglyphics finna beat that ass if you a clown rapper
The Upper Echelon we that class
You sound whacker than ever were we could see that mask you rock
But I’m an astronaut running this blasted rock
Hieroglyphics scriptures it's a neverlasting plot
Channeling spirits that learned from times older
Turn your mind over burn your rhyme folder

[Verse 2: Pep Love]
Words I say fly birds up rate high
Up in the sky make the murder rate rise
Killing shit feeling a villain with filaments
For all of my villages and affiliates
No more silliness
Hieroglyphics is the swiftest with the illest lyrics
So you rappers better kneel and kiss the ring
And tell that bitch to get some Listerine
Cause Pep Lava coach with lyrical liquid seeds

[Hook: A-Plus]
Hiero ain’t going no where
We know the people love it plus a couple rappers scared oh yeah we like
“this is all original” “y'know” {cut and scratched}
Ain’t no debating they be waiting on Hiero
It took a little time before we drop ‘em I know we like
“y'know” “this is all original” {cut and scratched}

[Verse 3: Tajai]
Hieroglyphics is a verb an action word
We do this shit with Ferb, riding the track with spurs
The territory's unknown, uncharted, unfazed by the fact
We ain’t know nothing bout it upon arrival
Yet equipped for survival in the harshest of conditions
We spark it for the listeners
Inventions yet engines we've risen, no ending in the distance
Told you this was only the beginning

[Verse 4: Del The Funky Homosapien]
Aha y'all gon' fall the fuck out
Talking with that tough mouth end up rubbed out
Yeah young Dzl he’s the eraser
No chaser just stepped out the spaceship
The mothership get you funkintelecky gift
So you can catch a glimpse of the life that reveals the glitch
You gon' feel exempt
From all the confusion and chaos stacked at losers


The Kitchen
Gravadora: Hieroglyphics Imperium
Faixa: 14

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