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Gun Fever

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Chi tecca when they ghetto
We try to keep it mellow but you gotta keep that metal
In a saved up place
A spade is a spade
If a joker come up out of his face
Here comes the ace
Murder at the dance hall, BUH BUH BUH
You better have a fast draw if you got that glass jaw
Why these young niggas whiling?
It seems like living in the city is like living on an island
This high

Come visit man, it's real Iraq
Just had to wield my ratchet just to build my racket
These youngsters ain't asking, they running up and they clacking
Assassins gassing, hey you're gasping for your last one
And some, when the door get low and sold his soul
Gun hand jumping better hope it don't
Hey you pimp like [?] where your poke-it goin'?
And an enormous hole from the forty-four
Or the fever

Rap raw, been thugging
Sawed-off shotty, Hacksaw Jim Duggans
The Remington 11-87 in the Pennington
50 cal law can't fit 'em in the minivan
I hit 'em from outside of the city span
Quicker than any man
It's a shoulder and I knew he wouldn't come, either
I ain't a gangsta, got gun fever

See I'mma squeeze her
You shaking with the feeling of a seizure
I show you the proper procedure to meet the reaper
We the feature, the fans filling up the bleachers
They want to be witnesses to the killing of you creatures
I light 'em up like torching keefer with my reefer
This is gun sex and I'm a skeeter not a leaker (ahh...)
Soon as a pull my heater on your leader
Either you eager to beat or we gon' see if you gon' bleed or
Gun fever

Gun fever will leave you running cheetah
Your tongue keep weaving and I'll leave your lungs bleeding
Needing some stitches the cops need descriptions
The pictures of the crime scene they asking who did it
Seeing this vicious cycle in my vision
Keeps me suspicious of passerbys and citizens
People pack pistols in their pocket for protection from predators
You never know when they might set it off

Gun Fever
Gravadora: Hieroglyphics Imperium
Faixa: 1

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