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[Hook: Del the Funky Homosapien]
Just like the tombs in Egypt
Soon as you see it
You'll be speechless, Golden
No jive when we slide through
We gonna provide you
With something to ride to, Golden

[Verse 1: Del the Funky Homosapien]
I know you gotta have it
Cause Hieroglyphics is a habit
Forming frequently with fanatics
Can't be calculated with simple mathematics
The worth is hovering over the surface
A product proclaiming purpose
The value skyrockets
Now your stomach's smaller than your eye sockets
Watch it

[Verse 2: Tajai]
But don't touch, it's caustic
Raw spit, raining, put on your galoshes
Any way you choose, yeah we got options
Man we motivate from mild-mannered to start moshing
Adrenaline levels climbing
Climactic ships due to our didactic diamonds
Refraction damn-near blinding
Reiterating the reaches of our reign or where your rhyme is


[Verse 3: Opio]
The hieroglyphics symbol the tradition of artistry
My mental instrument built to cripple technology
Killing the debauchery and Aristotle wannabes
Spilling my cigar with weed, I rep the marijuana tree
North Carolina achieving haze for a start to G off
On stage it's a phenomenal day
Regardless we honor the culture
Drama's over, Red October right on your shoulder

[Verse 4: A-Plus]
Just like the tombs in Egypt
You know we never could let you in on this secret
MCs flock just for trying to steal it
Now they feel like consequences they gotta deal with
I don't think they knew what they saw when they seen it
Considering we high definition they Zenith
Girls think I'm cool to hang out on the scene with
Till they see the thing they be like "I don't believe this!"


[Verse 5: Pep Love]
I know you suckas need it
Cause Hieroglyphics is an edict
A beckoning call for y'all to heed it
A post tripping in your brain, looped and repeated
My style is forever heavenly endowed with
The poetry potential and prowess
Their acts is unrighteous
So now we still improve 'til the gun prices rises

That's my boy!
That's amazing! Yeah!
Can you feel it?
You bet I can feel it, come on!
Describe what you feel
I feel uh, I feel focused and I feel badass so just um, badass! You know?
I think he's got it, Mac
Yes, he does!
Got what?
Charlie, my boy, you've got the Gun Fever

The Kitchen
Gravadora: Hieroglyphics Imperium
Faixa: 4

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