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Pretty Balloons (feat. Rapsody)

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Uh, you just rap huh?
Got you lookin’ like a mascot, imagine y’all
My team play like all stars we all stars
Y’all alright, I live that for real life tryna reach Pharrel life
Haha, you just wanna be happy
It’s a different world when you ain’t Maggie
When you young black and nappy they like “Oh God!”
We come in peace they come with pieces that go “pow pow!”
But we don’t bow down, they like “wow them niggas strong”
We come from kings, clown, what you thought homie?
Peep my man’s crown, ya, you know HaLo
He never one to leave the scene like Fargo

Right before dawn the red crescent was born
Lens limitation my capture was wrong
C’mon we ain’t never got along
Wastin’ times you’d be memorizing Qu’ran
Fresh from medina, mesmerized by meanings
Devoured by demons the straight path I’m leanin’
Luxury so lavish and lathed
As the world turns I watch it all fade
What you afraid that everything you put meanin’ in could mean nothing? That’s somethin’
My soul so serene, I told this little thing we should get our act clean
She said ‘Lo, what you mean? Never mind girl, scream
I Serengeti’d the scene, no time is space when I travel the light beam
I glow forever, darkness spread but the light is clever
So I glow, I glow forever
Darkness spread and he said get your bread nigga
Ooh, tire skippin’ slippin’, swervin’, entirely different
Ooh, arisin’ edition, ghost of elliptian
Path bring truth all kinds of dough
Vapour rise, no time to smoke
I see music in colours my sisters and brothers
This is another ma’fuckin kaleidoscope
Yea, set sail untie the rope
Natural currents’ll show us the world
On Africa shoulders, the globe was hurled

Because the black has done extra-ordinary remarkable things
in the past and it only within recent times within this century
in fact, that the black has had a chance to look at his own
history with his own eyes and to re-write it

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