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Ghost Key

Attention To Detail

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[Verse 1 Austin O'Brien]
Just give up on me. I'm not worth the effort. Just a lost cause
A pathetic waste of time
Things will never be different
I will always be a disappointment

[Verse 2 Austin O'Brien]
I refuse to believe that you can change me
Just like my father and his father before him
They've written books about people like me
There is no cure so just lock me up and throw away the key
This is no disease that you can treat

[Chorus Austin O'Brien]
For every mistake I've made
It's just another reason to fucking hate who I am
Everytime you offer forgiveness
Another reason you shouldn't stay

[Verse 3 Austin O'Brien]
I keep screaming
Thinking I can change something
Looking back, that's never how it's been
I don't have the strength to carry on anymore
And I've made up my mind
I need you here with me
I know what I want
I need you here with me

(But I end up) alone with a mirror and (so) now I see
My worst fears
Right in front of me

I am alone

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