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Stand On (feat. Yana)

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I wish I could stand on a roof
And tell the world what I know
But could you handle the truth
It's like I'm in the same frame of mind as David Icke
Nearly everything you have been told has been based on lies
How can we just be following procedures
When most of these world leaders are guilty of some major crimes
It's time to wake up
What's the point of breathing if your eyelids remain shut
Lost like a stray pup
Lace up
The hood's full of actionmen
Everybody's got a strap but we don't manufacture them
The way these fuckers in suits cover the truth
I have to say the average brain could never discover the proof
Another dispute could break a government truce
So what's the real story behind the twin towers?
Cause eleven years later, I'm bloody confused
Bin Laden's dead, so is Saddam Hussein
But yet our troops are still trapped in the range
Go ahead, send 'em home
Give the families some wonderful news
Nah, that's what I thought
There's something they ain't tellin us
But I got my own opinion
Cause I don't watch the telly much
What they want me to see
I could never trust
I could not be manipulated by the media
When Rupert Murdoch's participating and deceivin' ya

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