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[Intro: Nick Amour]
My words cut your heart in half
Anger made me say
What I've been thinking all along
How long ya been pretending?
(Leave me alone)
How long ya been pretending?
(Leave me alone)
How long ya been pretending?
How long ya been pretending?

[Verse 1: Ghetts]
I love the love when I embrace the H
Them bruddas are coming up with their mixtapes, basics
Some of them have never run this race, they're aimless
Stuntin on their bread in a big way, amazin
Nothing, never ever a big brain, patience
Money I'm gonna get when display the greatness
Some man a' get it when I swing blades at faces
Tell a brudda I said I'm invading spaces
I'm only cool when an ad from the bar
Is out forseen by thousands
Most of your favorite artists in the country
You ain't gonna see me around them
Four and a half bags for this feature
And all I do is just count them
A crosshair, an arm and a leg
And both legs, that'd make there an album

[Hook: Ghetts & Nick Amour]
(RAGS!) I got a rude attitude, never been afraid of being hated
(RAGS!) I'm from the East side of the river Thames, not far from the Kray twins
(RAGS!) Growing up every man on my road was either shottas or gunmen
(RAGS) So when man was old enough to roll, you dun know what I done then
How long ya been pretending?

[Verse 2: Ghetts]
I don't give a fuck about anyone who finds what I'm saying as offensive
I won't tiptoe around anyone I'm irate; stamp the floor until it vibrates, endless
Nobody ain't gotta second-guess what I'm actually thinking
I'm upfront, the child with the questions
Speaking my mind is a natural instinct
Some think it's crap to go whinging
Fuck that, I ain't gonna hold my tongue back
There's a scene called grime and I run that
I've been away for a minute
And everybody's been awaiting my comeback
I love that, I've been carrying the scene on my soldiers
My brother, know I've never got a hunched back
Nostradamus, and Pradas
Street sweeper with no dustpan


[Bridge x2: Ghetts]
I say what I mean, I mean what I say
I mean what I say, I say what I mean
Fuck an indirect, say it to me
You've got something on your mind? Say it then, G


[Outro: Nick Amour]
How long ya been pretending?
How long ya been pretending?
How long ya been pretending?
How long ya been pretending?
How long ya been pretending?

Rebel with a Cause
Gravadora: Disrupt
Faixa: 8

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