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Gangsta Boo & La Chat

Witch Brew (feat. Fefe Dobson)

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[Hook: Fefe Dobson]
Hail Mary, quite contrary
How does your hatred grew?
With skin of snake and rabid bait we're going straight to hell
Rosemary, bloody cherries
What does your crystal show?
Bloody rates and bloody faith, you’re going straight to hell

[Verse I: Gangsta Boo]
This shit that I’m cooking you be better working
Cause its wicked and now when I play with you hoes
This shit is witch brew
My attitude is fuck you, you know
Had to bring it one more time
I love to make my haters sick
Laughing out loud, rolling with cheddar
My niggas is down with triple the six
Paying attention suppose to be gossiping
Constantly keeping my name in they mouth
Blowing and smoking I'm travelling getting my money
The hardest La Boo in the South
Industry dudes make me sick sometime
Be acting like your shit don't stick like mine
But the nigga I roll with his ass is awesome
Fuck your opinion, I don’t wanna be bothered
Everybody knows that real G's move in silence
Everybody knows that broke necks don't tell
Everybody knows the possibility of violence
Everybody knows they don't want to see me click
Most of the time in the studio fresh
Cooking up poison
Pulling their heads
Getting some hay
Counting them stacks
Highly upgraded two bitches attest my gangsta
Hollow tips got you red splitter splatter
Like a painter
I don’t wanna be like her
I wanna be like him
I need bitch, no thank ya
My crystal ball and I’m the queen
Bitch bow down
I have the will power to shut your whole world down


[Verse II: La Chat]

You know it's murder
You know I'm murking these bitches
Mayne, fuck the feds
But can I embalm these snitches
Got to get your friends
They about your business
Bust your head living in these ditches
Murk your family, don't need no witness
Check the bitch the assassin menace
Wouldn't want to play with this video game
Got the gang numbers first and you can get it up with me
Got the cop killers on stand-by
Do a drive-by
Make your mama cry-cry
Nigga buy red dye on your black eye
You will die if you are trying looking at my guy
You will lie blood across the face so high
In the sky real bitches make the moon mine
Niggas die anything that I want nigga
I could buy everybody hey check bitch
And that's why every morning that I wake up
Looking I'm waking up look at the mirror
Laugh at my set because I the one they fear her
Up another [?]
And she's still talking shit but nobody hear her
Put her in the trunk with the pump to her head
Got her scared mislead she been bleed on the grave
Fuck her own partner, bitch won't tell the bitch she dead
Another day, Imma buy a new Luger
You niggas shoot her
Mama taught to kill or be killed, I'm the tutor
So if you hoes gonna get some up your ass gotta gun
Me an Boo we gonna bring this shit to ya
I'm ratchet
Nigga break you and your papi
Me and major rhyme moves
We got the lose got the tunes
If you snooze I'm trigger happy


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