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Still Sittin' Here

Fekky & Dizzee Rascal

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[Intro: Fekky]
Yeah, I like that
Cuh right now
I feel like that Boy in Da Corner
Shout out Dizzee
(Splurge Boys)
Get me
It's Live O (x3)
Yeah (x4)

[Hook: Fekky]
I'm just sitting here
Doing what I do (shut up)
Smoking on a big fat zoot
I heard they wanna make a move (come on then)
You must be blood
I've got that ting and it goes bang
Bu bu bang bang bang (x2)
It's Live O
My crew is live o (trust me it's live o)

[Verse 1: Dizzee Rascal]
Breddas wanna test my frame
They wanna test my aim
Hoes wanna throw shit on my name
Sorry if I ain't all smiles when you see me in the streets
Yo I got a lot of shit on my brain
A lot of pressure to maintain
But you don't wanna hear me complain
About the pitfalls of fame
You wanna see me knuckle up and go against the grain
And frankly I feel the same
So I'm bringing the pain
Fuck being restrained
These breddas are lame
Fuck being the same
More heart in my testicular vein
I'm ready for war
Everybody feels real til they're laying dead on the floor
I've seen it before
I'm so easily bored
You should be checking out the women
What you preeing me for?
If you don't wanna meet your maker better settle your damn jaw
Smoke a lot of weed but I'm going to Dam for more
Maybe a sativa that'll settle my anger or
Light my head space
So I can elevate and get away from your dead face
And dead waste
Wannabee hard nuts and gangstas
I'm sick of these wankers
Knock me out or drop me out
Stab me shoot it out
Or shut you mouth
Dunno what your talking about
You got a problem sort it out
Count 10 and just walk it out
Kill any ideas that you thought about
You don't wanna see your soul go walkabouts
Body on the floor chalk it out
Close your spout
Please put a stop to that noise that you're squawking out
And have a breather
Go disrupt another geezer
Time is money and I'm tight like Ebenezer
I just wanna chill for real where all the trees are
Kill yourself it'll be easier

[Hook: Fekky]

[Verse 2:Fekky]
It's live o
Shut your pie hole (shut up)
You wanna call on war
Then run to the 5-0 (Bang)
Ain't got a mill, but I'm alright though
These Vivienne Westwood shoes, a man moonwalk like Michael (ooowwwww)
Rappers don't be scared, nobody wants your title
Came in the game, bu bu bang fuck up the cycle
Rob me are you mad (mad)
Jumping man like a psycho (yeahhh)
These niggas might like your pics
But these niggas don't like you
Big Fekky, Big Fekky
I'm just sittin' here
Tell 'em come and get me
As I sit here and I lay back
Hot choc and some flapjacks
Bitch says she hates me
Fucked her and she came back
Bu bu bang (yeah)
You're just a bunch of nobodies
No dough, no weed, no straps, no bodies
Dead gyal, bad weave, no tits, no bodies (yeah)
Who does it like me, nobody

[Hook: Fekky]

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