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Do You Remember (feat. Kurupt And Battlecat)

E-40 & Too $hort

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Let me take em far back man

(Verse 1)
Reminiscin’ talkin’ about the times we missin’
Zeus overloads zap board clip clip
Bumpin’ Too Short E-40, gas break div
A zip and a 40, and some bad women
Remember the fresh fast, that was the best
We used to sit in the nose bleeds and smoke a spliff
Zip bag hell seeds, we were weed stressed
When the South used to fuck with the West
Coast doing the most
Candy apple paint star wise and vogues
Fast bank, penitentiary pose
Everybody eating, fly brand new clothes
This is a family affair, a family reunion
A special occasion, we barbeque’n
We had to bring this OG shit back
Battle cat on the track

Do you remember?
The games we played
I feel the same way
So come on over
And let me have my way
We took off

(Verse 2)
Poker sacks, Cadillacs on Saks
Car pass, smoke bounce
Have an ounce off that
Watchin’ that Cadillac off that
Candy drip up and down front back
On that floss that, lost in transition
Just reminiscin’
Of the days of the homie in the flippin pigeons
But we live for the moment and we love livin’
Do you remember, every September?
On the hoes bumper, Alpine’s bumpin’
System overload, gotta find something
To get in next summer
The ends kept coming
Smoking on tree, the bomb EP
Indica tai, we rollin on three
Tank you awake you
To make you feel how I feel my nigga
Can you relate to a dog pound?

Do you remember?
The games we played
I feel the same way
So come on over
And let me have my way
We took off

(Verse 3: Too Short)
I’m waiting on the mother ship
On some Parliament, funkadelic shit
When I was ten, it wasn’t Too Short
And I was at the Colliseum
Watchin’ George Clinton
I see these grey hairs on my chin, but
I swear, I’m feeling young again
Cause back in ’76, I dreamed of being rich
But never like this
And now I’m beginning to see
All the memories are so clear to me
You just wanna make a better world for your kids
But it’s hard when you try telling your girl what it is
Then you think about your mama and all the drama
She still raised you,
You still wanna buy a house for her somewhere safe and sound
Loving all this money we makin’ now

(Hook x2)
Do you remember?
The games we played
I feel the same way
So come on over
And let me have my way
We took off

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