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Thereʼs sinister intent that hides in the days I spent
So lost, alone in a mind that I canʼt control
In shadow with a heart so cold Iʼve got a bitter soul
As I feel my guts in the clutch
My patience starts to rust
From the fallacies that made me bleed
And lack of bandaging that they need
So Iʼll never compromise to change the way I feel
Iʼm bound here by wounds that will never heal
They say that life is a test
And just give it your best
Before you fall apart
But good luck with the right answers
If you donʼt know who you are
So stay bitter, never quit
Despite the times your heart deserves a kick
Let it linger, keep it low
And when time runs out
Set to explode
So stay bitter, cause Iʼll never quit
Weʼll never make this truce
Iʼve been the broken one since my youth
Weʼll never make this truce
Forgiveness has no use for you
Your consequence plays in my head
The sight of red, over and over again Itʼs all in my head
To stay bitter until death
Still fucking bitter
Thereʼll come a time when I break my binds
Forever from the Dark Side of the Mind

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