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David Dondero

Just a Baby In Your Momma's Eyes

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Well the neighborhood it’s cleaning up,
I guess it means the rent is on the rise.
Where our apt used to be they built a fancy condominium high-rise.
Which at a lowly income none of us could ever really quite afford.
So we’re waiting on the next eviction wonderin’ what the future’s got in store.
Gotta tell me how it’s been, you see I had not been around here in a while.
Seems the only thing that changes is the uniformal regiment of style.
The drugstick you’re desiring now there ain’t no fire in your eyes.
We used to be close friends, now I don’t even recognize that guy.
He just a baby in his mommy’s eyes.
He ain’t crazy if he loving the darkness when the day comin’ down to die.
He ain’t heartless if he drank until he can’t even cry.
Better leave before it blinks I think the sky it’s a sudden open eye.
I’ll buy you half a drink if you give me back my consolation prize.
Got a message from Melissa tellin' me she got a feeling that she never had.
I knew it would be the last one; I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sad.
She just a baby in her mommy’s eyes.
She ain’t crazy if she loving the darkness when the day coming down to die.
She ain’t worthless if she gave a shit enough to try.
So she’s groaning through her lips now; she grits her teeth through her eyes.
Could see it in her hips how she is secretly despising all these guys.
These needy leeches drip saliva from the corners of their mouths.
Lost in the fantasy that they’re not lonely, drunkenly they pull the money out.
They’re just the baby’s in their mommies’ eyes.
They ain’t crazy if they’re loving the darkness when the day’s coming down to die.
They ain’t heartless if they drank until they can’t even cry.

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