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When It Won't Save You (Acoustic)

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The way that I feel, and what's supposed to be real strongly disagree
There is one thing I keep in front of me
'Cause cash won't save, cars won't transcend the grave
I call everyone I know the only things of value I could ever own

It worries my mind knowing days of my life slowly disappear
Is there something that I should be doing here with my time?
Should I fall in line? I can't chase the American Dream
Trading life for money never made much sense to me
And some may say that I'm already gone but I say

"Hey, if I'm wrong at all for living this way? I'm alright being wrong"
And I say, "Hey, as I slowly let possession slip away I feel I belong
I'm alright being wrong"

I try and I try to find appeal in 9 to 5, but I never win
Stuck in days that don't seem to begin
The answer I find to the question in mind
King of diamonds, king of hearts?
One dies loved, and one is dead from the very start

Things like this aren't hard to resist
As my mind persists allowing absolutely no interest
In things that fade as fast as they accumulate
I refuse to bury myself that way

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