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How I Feel

Chris Brown

ouvir : conectando
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Is how I feel, right?
It's only me, right?
That's right

I was 15 of Virginia nigga with ambition
Young, but I envision fucking them bad bitches
Live my life with no regrets
I try to show respect, but you don't give it
I guess you don't understand when
It might take me a life time to take it back
And it might take you a life time to know the facts, yeah
Just 'cause we different
Don't mean we distant
And if you kill a man, ain't no way to bring him back
Yeah, you say it's mind over matter
But what we're livin for? What really matters?
Some niggas say the spoon was just on the platter and
Other niggas is doomed just for disaster
All alone sleeping in my bedroom
As wet sheets, mama gonna be dead soon
'Cause her man beat hear, but he don't realize
She important to this family like a fucking heirloom
Yeah, her nigga still found his way out
Record deal came, her nigga played out
My mama livin good, she takin days out
They sayin', boy all that hard work payed out
Five hundred racks for our show
But ain't gonna never do no 60 minutes interview
'Cause all you wanna do is twist my words up
And all I wanna do is flip my birds up
Kind of tipsy after ... murder
I'm singing, ass nigga, know you heard of
Me, every day my clique stuntin
Niggas talking down, but I'ma make em put them words up
Out to sale, all I had to say, what else?
Cock suckers low blowing under my belt
Yeah, they hangin from the tip, they trying to get a sip
Don't let em get a grip, I'm pissing onto myself
Nineteen, nigga went through a tragedy
Three years and nigga just found a better me
Yeah, you might find another lover,
But you always started Breezy like the letter b
Nightmares full of haunting
Thinking do I really like this star shit
Because fame ain't freedom in this diamond chain
Only me, they hold you hostage
Now I got a lot of offers telling me
The way they closing, they wanna be my sponsor
But when a nigga fall off, again they gonna be like off em
And they gonna smile up in your face just like, "awesome, great"
Wait, police, in the tub, can I relate?
I guess that's why this war on drugs is the debate
I'ma keep on livin my life from day to day
Learned from my mistakes

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