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Yo I want to give a special shout out to DJ Drama, for letting me do this
I really appreciate it (And it's like this)
Hey go DJ! (That's my DJ!)
Hey go DJ! (That's my DJ!)
Hey go DJ! (Uhh, yeah, uhh)

Stuntin' 101, I'm doing shit that ya'll never done
Talking from TVs and movies, these the choppers to Uzis
Nothing can bruise me, nigga this is more than a movement
My squad is forever, we ain't getting annulments
New song on your speakers got me getting enormous
Played a performance, niggas getting paid on performance
A lot of ya'll hate cause my women is gorgeous
I mean they a work of art, something out of a portrait
I mean I'm a work of art, all my verses is poetry
Niggas is different, you chicken, we ain't fucking with poultry
Bunch of crab ass bloggers got me allergic to shellfish
If I fell off in a day, man, these niggas be helpless
I be bringing on a plane 'till you lames get mailed it
It's ROYALTY and, nigga, I'm the king like Elvis
I don't talk about it, let them niggas conversate
What's the song about it? Give a D and smoke a J
We don't play, I'm so on a bench, money is the stench
Let me vent, I'mma smoke 'em out, circles from her mouth
What's my favorite sound? "Oh my God I'm cumming"
Second favorite sound? "Oh that sound like money"
Oh that sound like freedom
Oh that sound gon' need a feature but he didn't need him
I'm coming back like Jesus, color Reeces Pieces
That's the money down here, we gon' need a visa
Bread like he Anita
That's my DJ, thank you DJ Drama
Came in this bitch like my baby mama
I believe in karma so I run the summer
All I got is checks, check out all these commas
Check out how I'm eating, it is very cool
James White a nigga, man I'm such a fool
I'm doing me so cold, this nigga spitting so cold
This girl 20 years old, she know she 'bout to get choose
That rabbit hole, I'm talking shit, but I'm rapping though
And that IRS and I'm taxing hoes and I saw the check
And said that's moves, that's moves
Why my clique so animal? Why my clique so Set It Off?
When I'm Queen Latifah you know I'm eatin', I fucked it up
Niggas think we ain't tough enough, niggas think we was born rich
Niggas thinking a lot of shit, niggas don't know a wars coming
Niggas don't know I saw something, killing trees, Paul Bunyon
Bunyon foot, foot clan, klans man... Alamo
Stream of conscious, I don't know
Flow was done a long time ago, and I feel for niggas who save a ho
I ain't got time and I'm throwing up like gang signs
But that was not the case
You niggas with your lifestyle as nice as my place
I'm eating off these white kids, I don't need their plate
We burning down that blue dream, she sitting on my face
I'd leave it on her backside, but that'd be a waste
That be a waste, that be a waste

First I want to give a shout out to DJ Drama
I really appreciate it
I wanna give a shout out to DJ Rhetorik
He did all the cuts and all the scratches
Frankie Robinson out there in Chicago
Leandro Rush, and T in Ohio
Yesi Ortiz, these are all DJs
E-man, LA Leakers, DJ Reflex
Everybody out in LA
Peter Rosenberg, Cipha Sounds
Everybody at Hot 97
Everybody at Power 105
People down at V103
DJ Iceberg over at Hot
You've been fucking with me since the beginning
Melody McCloskey
Ryan Sarver
Owen Brainard
Matt Mullenweg
Sergey Brin
Jack Dorsey
Angela Benton
That's about it, I'm sure there's people I forgot
But, you're appreciated regardless
I hope you enjoy the mixtape
And then I woke up

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