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Amy (feat. Goodie Mob)

Cee Lo Green

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-Big Gipp
Now here's a little story that must be told
About a little white girl that was born to soul
She was the first of a kind I was scared to speak
She had long red hair perfume was sweet
It shouldn't be taboo but it is
Might not be your reality but it's his
Black, red, white, blue and all the blue above
Now tell me whats wrong with unconditional love?

I remember like it was yesterday
When I went over her house to play
With Amy, Amy Amy Amy
She welcomed me to the neighborhood
She showed you that this neighbor good
Oh Amy, Amy, Amy, Amy

Growin' up with so much fun
Wish we could be forever young
Said watch the time go by

I finally found the right girl, right girl
Ooh, Golly gee she sure is fine
I finally found the right girl, right girl
Ohh, if you're sorry it woud blow your mind
Thanks for the memories
And i hope you remember me, oh Amy
Cause I'll always remember you

Do you?
I'm a try me some new too
If It work out for you, who knew
The misunderstanding is mutual boo
A lot people feel like life ain't fair
Still believe there somebody for me out there
Ain't gotta be black, ain't gotta be yellow
Ain't gotta be white, just gotta be right

I use to use the back sliding door
What we hiding for?
Amy Amy Amy Amy Amy
I want to make your father mad
If I wasn't the only brother you had
Ooh Amy, Amy, Amy Amy

What's wrong with me and you?
As long as our love is true?
I still wonder why
But you'll always be my


We really liked each other a lot
And all her friends were really hot
She was really a good dancer
Her mom and dad were actually cool
Spent the whole summer in the pool
Smoking fff with her brother Johnny

I say Amy
You are the one that made me believe in love
I see you shining from the far just the way you are
Amy, you're a superstar/

I finally found the right girl
I finally found the right girl


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