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America Religious

Caroline Rose

ouvir : conectando
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Sun beam patches,
like lightning in my vision,
stumbling trembling as a tremor
in the depths beneath the trenches

I came upon a spotted horse the lonely dun,
untethered mare grazing yellow grass,
a field of straight-back silken hair

It was then I realized with a lasso
‘round the sky I’d follow morning so
the sun it would be always on the rise

Come five days sleepless,
a thousand miles behind me,
I heard a voice in wind-speak and it
drew my soul in silhouette!

“Atlas move along I’ve got two arms,
This world won’t know which ear to stand on!”

Solo joyriding,
twelve-lane highway,
off-the-cuff Pagan lust

It’s a wonder I’ve got two legs to stand
on I drink myself blind uncurtailed by moderation

“Stand on me”? I’ll stand on you!

For lack of something better to do

America religious,
I eat slices of white privilege
processed by agri-business

(ain’t this what you’d always dreamed it’d be?)

The two-spot, dream-spot all scattered
‘bout the table as we plunged in ankle
deep in table conversation

Meanwhile out in the distance,
through the mist there rang a scream

as we all ducked our heads,
we sheered our eyes

“Lord, thank you for this feast”

I think I’d like to take
this time to toast myself

“Here’s to the wine!”

Keep your two cents,
spare me your change,
Honey around here we work for our pay

It’s a wonder I’ve got two legs to stand on,
I drink myself blind uncurtailed by moderation

“Stand on me”

I’ll stand on you,
Footloose disillusioned and blue

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