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Pure Gold

Calyx & Teebee

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Flat bush, kick push, boogie board
Punch drunk, punch kick, super hard
Bruce Lee, Spike Lee, broken nose
Pop's home, pop's gone, broken home

Live Aid, A-Team, fly like Mike
Recess, schoolbooks, dynamite
Backpack, Headphones, B.D.P.
Ice Cube, Fresh Prince, MTV

It was mix tapes, spray cans, subway trains
It was black books, markers and halls of fame
It was shell toe Adidas with super fat laces
And the girls with the knee socks rocking the braces, yo

It was basketball and smoking pot
And pushing down the pedal till the motor's hot
Rum and Coke a lot, Karmacoma style
When push came to shove, it was love, listen

It was getting tattoos, smoking cigarettes
It was Zig Zag papers, time to build a spliff
It was getting digits, kinda hit and miss
It was happiness, lies and kids, come on

It was making out for hours, sharing a shower
It was sleepover parties, it was midnight hours, ya
Getting into fights, dodging the cops
We was rocking the club on the drop (drop)

You can change the fashion, you can change the style
But you can't change the way that I feel about time
'Cause time went gold in '89
And kept it live through '95 [2x]

It was cross color gear and hopscotch
Fat boomin' cassettes when the box rocks
It was gazin' the lights from the rooftop
And then grinding the slides in the boondocks

It was big-checkered shirts over long sleeves
It was trips to the 'Dam for the strong weed
We were so free and wild it was gnarly, yo
It was party bullshit back to party

It was 2-wheel and 3-wheel and 4-wheel drive
It was hip-hop and jungle and reggae live
Peace, love, unity, respect vibes
It was ladybug, doodlebug and butterfly

It was def jam jokes and delirious
All them old folks complain and fearin' us
'Cause our magic was strong and mysterious
We got serious on the drop (drop)


Gravadora: Blue Pie Records USA
Faixa: 4

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