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Abstract Dragon

Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip

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[Verse 1: Busta Rhymes]
One time yo
Watch how I kick it and rhyme slow
With the slimes though
Fleet of Suburbans and Tahoes
Time to push out
Niggas are back, the tools out
Word to King Tut, we shakin' they takin' they boobs out
Bitches frantic
Then fuck with a nigga, I say it best
Bring your girl shorty, both you can come do a taste test
Now they both trynna play though
I love the way they handle me
Could do this everyday though
Let 'em suck it all up out of me
Let 'em loose, they come back and do it the same way
To make 'em sickle down a bit while they give me their ashtray
While they also bring a nigga that money, it's pay day
What the fuck nigga?

[Hook: Busta Rhymes]
Ain't no way in the world
Shit ain't bangin' through your speaker while we fucking shit up
My chain haningin and we had to build (?)
This shit is ringing and incase you didn't know its The Abstract & The Dragon

[Bridge: Busta Rhymes]
Boom, Bap, original rap (x2)

[Verse 2]
Bitch The Dragon is back!
Oh no, with The Abstract
Rappin' and lettin' the bass go
Then we blaze those
Making 'em blacker than disco
With a fist full of money, we bakin' a pistol
Its official
When I come through, my clique whole
Shit to let off, and let the shit blow (Boo!)
Then we all go get this money and pack the paid show
Then we black from the front to the back
See, they know to spot it
Back of the cockpit
The shit is not a secret, niggas know how we lock shit
And how we flock shit when we come and make 'em salute niggas
Back they (?) and pop their shit in the club, and shoot niggas like
See, we back with the bang bang
And the boom bap, nigga we give you the dang thing
Yo, Kamaal, I know you wanted to rhyme
It's my fault, well, I'm excited by the slap you made
Bring on the onslaught
Mister Abstract, I see you done dug up back in the vault
Yeah, we back up in the kitchen and giving 'em what they want
Yeah, we pack shit thicker than niggas in banquets
Get your blankets
Most of you niggas need practice
(?) the line of the caskets
Lot of rapper niggas actors and move like an actress
We 'bout to hit you with the heat 'cuz we know when you're anxious
Aiyo, Kamaal, let's fuck 'em up and take 'em through the track list

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