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[Verse 1]
I’m inspired, I make magic, like Harry does
I’m a king coming live like Larry bruh
Getting money, paper stress like a pair of plugs
Popping like a cherry before I knew what a cherry was
Kinda scary, huh?
But coming straight out of Compton, growing up, everybody knew who Mary was
I didn’t meet her till about 14, whole team
Smoking protein, tryna keep it low key
Huh, so just a piff quickly, times I’m feeling low
I got this to lift me
And I’m chilling with a chick that used to diss
Now she blowing smoke in my mouth just so she can kiss me
You can find me in my city, kicking it with my niggas
Twisting that sticky icky and I lay it down flat
Like girls with idy bidly, you feel me

I’m inspired, don’t mess with me or my paper
Cause I be riding round in my scraper
Call your girl cause I’m gonna take her
When she come to my city
It’s fine, I’m a ball and [?] she tryna lay up
You wanna blow with me, you gotta pay up
Cause I’m supposed to be a player
Say that dum dum did ye, inspired

[Verse 2]
Cloud 9 is my residence, mom’s on me like "you better quit"
Still twisting up the heavens of medicine on my 44th joint
Now I’m feeling like the president
Cause ever since a baby I’ve been running round crazy
Like I had attention deficit
So any time I wanna chill, I twist up the Kill Bill
Couple hits then I will sit still
Far from average, back when I had basis
Blowing smoke out of my brackets
NBA balling, white and red baskets
In the car getting blown, I’m a head gasket
Now listen clear, you got a problem
I know what can make it disappear
It’s called "kush" cause it keeps us sitting here, for years


Uh ah, oh, oh, uh ah, oh, oh, yeah
Uh ah, oh, oh, uh ah, oh, oh, yeah
Dum dum did ye

[Verse 3]
Baby say she into the sipping, but what I got get you distant
Here’s a song to play when you just trynna kick it
Get some chicks and light a spliff at 4 o'clock and 20 minutes
Hm, the simple fact that I’m upper
Makes me feel like I am other
Child rebel soldier, but I still do good
If you tryina feel how I feel, baby you should
You should come and get with us
I don’t need a vacation, I want the inspiration
It’s the simple stuff we love
And no matter what we face
We always keep it basic, it’s a simple here
You know, you know
Rhymes could be everywhere, hello, hello
When that subliminal it’s fine
And it don’t matter how I say it
Only how you take it



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