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Agitated (feat. Sir Michael Rocks)


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[Verse 1: Buddy]
First time I'd seen that girl
Said I need that girl, and
Every time I see that girl
Can't believe that girl, cause
She fine and she brown
And she thick in the butt, but
She be walking around, with a stick in her butt
Talking about everything that nigga do in my life
And how I ain't doing it right, and
I'm was trying to do what it do for the night
But she ain't in the mood for the night, nah
She be acting rude in the middle of the room
And she really ain't cute when she fight, she
Told me she don't like it when I go to the stu'
But I told her to get used to the life, and
That's when I said I'm about to leave
Than she said boy oh no you don't
Now she all yelling in my ear
I'm like girl you should slow your roll
Now this girl scratch me on my arm
I just start heading towards the door
God damn man I know I'm a Star
And it's kind of bizarre
Let me hop in the car, cause

[Hook: Buddy]
Ooh baby girl you got me agitated, agitated
Ooh baby girl you got me agitated, agitated
Let's hit rewind because I'm going out my mind
You best be lucky that you so fine
Because if you wasn't girl I wouldn't put up with it

(Damn, she scratch me and I'm bleeding. I'm gonna get out of here man.)

[Verse 2: Buddy]
Now my car seat is cold, but I'm off on the road
And my girlfriend at home, feeling lost and alone
So she calls on the phone but she's talking a bunch, and
Only thing I could think, it's probably that time of the month, she
Talking pretty fast and she sound really mad
Because she's trying to get it all off her chest, I
Hang up in her face in the middle of the place
Now she's trying to send it all in a text, one
More paragraph in all caps
Talking about how I'm still involved with my ex, than
I reply back because I really had to ask if she even had a heart in her chest, now
She's crying and it's kind of getting all up in my vertebrae
And plus she's whining so I can't understand half the words she say
And now it's getting kind of late
I don't know where I'm supposed to lay
Running gas while I'm on the road
But I think it's time that I go home
Even though you wrong, girl I won't be long
With a love so strong, can't break our bond
But let me ask you baby, why must you agitate me?
Just look how mad you made me


[Verse 3: Sir Michael Rocks]
What's your name? I forgot
It's your man, Mikey Rocks
I got the spot that you can't have
Pop a cap in your fake ass
Banco popular, get your binoculars
And get a good look while we're riding by you
Just glad I can lend a hand to all the little niggas I inspire
Even when it's down to the wire
When they put the flames to the fryer
Hop out of the pan into the fire
You can have everything that you desire
I can put you to bed, you feel tired
I wanna see you sweat and perspire
You the life of the party and I hope you stay
They paid to put your name on the flyer
God damn I'm on her like a cop-cop
She's middle class with some ass and she talks proper
A jaw dropper for sure I'm in the Cayman
But I'm thinking I should hardtop her
Mix it with the hard vodka
What's up, What's up just fuck me right
The naked truth is better than the best dressed lie
I know you're tired of waiting, that shit be aggravating
But I don't got the patience, that shit be agitating, yeah

[Bridge: Buddy]
Baby knows she's bad, Baby knows she's bomb
So even if I'm mad, I'm going to stay calm
But let me ask you baby, why must you agitate me?
Just look how mad you made me


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