Bubba Sparxxx

Bubba Sparxxx

Bangin' (Feat. Dan Rockett)

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{"You-you-you got the blues"}
{"You damn-damn-damn sure got the blues"}

[Bubba Sparxxx]
Kick ass, quick fast, Bubba back
Where I was that sorry muh'fucker at
Everywhere we have on repeat
The jailhouse, Saint Peter, right street
Part of there where dude by the Duvall
Man the fuck up, perservere through all
I don't wanna talk, give a fuck who calls
Oh it's momma, tell her I'll be there in eight
Just a big day, 100 K and live great
Headed this way Stumpy and D-Ray
Somebody gotta eat, might as well be
me and my seed, well B let's see
how quickly we can turn this kid
In the brand new verse I did
A lot more one time with a lot less
That life was a mess, this not stress
I can do this standin on my head
Them bitches end up wantin me for dead
But they should've used a cannon and the lead
So now it's my turn, tell 'em what I said
It's no such thing as fate, just what you make
It's no Tooth Fairy, just a toothache
It is a heaven though and it got a big gate
Saint Peter, meet my friend Ben Frank...

[Dan Rockett]
When I'm bangin on the gates of heaven!
When my TIME is heaven-sent!
Bangin on the gates of heaven!
Saint Peter come and let me in!

[Bubba Sparxxx]
Let me in the gate, nah I ain't on the list
I ain't got a hot pink band on my wrist
Probably got a lil' contraband in my piss
I ain't live my whole life plannin for this
I thumbed through the Bible, scanned the Quran
Not the most righteous man in the land
Hunted with the lions, ran with the lambs
My +Uncle+ raped me, that ain't natural Sam
We all got a story, most got a saga
Still hear the truth that's spoke by my father
Jim Beam sales has hope by the bottle
Life may suck but you don't gotta swallow
Love that man and his backwoods proverbs
Also love big tits or knockers
Even if they not hers shout to the doctor
Well Saint Pete, let us in, she gotcha...

[Dan Rockett]
Well I've been bangin on the gates of heaven!
When my TIME is heaven-sent!
Bangin on the gates of heaven!
SAINT PETER come and let me in!

[Bubba Sparxxx]
Oh yeah~!
E'rybody runnin everything and anything
E'rybody think they should be doin bigger things
Don't nobody wanna see it how it really is
Don't nobody really celebrate your big event
They just showed up hopin they can get laid
End up swingin dicks case, but in a bitch case
Make sure the T and A thing is in place
Then get shit-faced, daddy's little disgrace
Might make a mistake, might catch a big break
Either way she wanna infiltrate that big gate
Maybe heaven is a club that never shuts
down and the bill never has to be settled up...

[Dan Rockett]
Well I been rollin with the devil every chance I GET!
Now ya, see the shape I'm in
Well I've been bangin on the gates of heaven!
When my TIIIIME is heaven-sent!
Bangin on the gates of heaven!
Saint PETER come and let me in
Well I've been bangin on the gates!
Bangin on the gates, Lord
I'm bangin on, bang on the
Saint Peter, come and let me in
Ohhh, Saint Peter!

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