N***a Needs

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Yeah, yeah, uh
I need to learn commitment, woah
I need to quit my joking, yeah
I need a boat of bitches, uh
I swear my mind been floating
Ain't tryna fuck this bread up, no
I need to get more focused, yea
I need to smoke forever, yeah
I need to save my roaches, uh

[Verse 1]
Talking empty homes with a fridge in it
Talking juice cartons with a sip in it
Talking ham sandwich with the chips in it I admit nigga
I'm a food stamp popping white tee rocking
Swap meet shopping
Instagram watching, DM hopping
Niggas know the deal
Now they know I got it, now they know I got it, woo
I used to be so humble, woah
I need to call my momma, yeah
I need to get my girl back, uh
I need to weigh my options, yeah
Saying God send to a moshpit
Talking young niggas with the nonsense
That's capri-sun's with the hot chips, then the plot twists
From a gameboy playing, sidekick aiming
Church boy singing, Westside banging, girlfriend taking
Niggas know the deal I ain't gotta say, it I ain't gotta say it, no
I need a rap nigga just to mention me
I'ma finish him keep it industry
Just don't intervene with my nigga needs
What a nigga need is a lot
I need a bunch of new fans just so I can go say that I popped, say that I popped
I need for y'all to stop tryna compare me to niggas I'm not, cos really I'm not
I need to stop using uber and go take my ass to the lot, straight to the lot
The homie just offered a brick I'm like fuck it I'm taking my shot, I'm taking my shot

I need to find my balance, uh
I need to fix my vision, yeah
I need to find new content, uh
I can't keep downing women, no
I'm a nike slipper wearing sweat pant thugging
Once a year clubbing, homegirl fucking, homeboy plugging
Long as niggas hustling I ain't saying nothing no, no no

[Chorus: Boogie + Dana Williams]
No, I need something that's gon make me feel for real inside
For real inside, oh yeah, uh
No, no, no I need something thats gon heal my pride, to heal my pride, oh yeah, uh
Oh I need something that make me feel a certain way
Make me feel a certain way, a certain way
Oh I need something that make me feel a certain way
Make me feel a certain way, a certain way

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