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How Not To Get Jerked

Boogie Down Productions

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"And now, a word from our sponsor.."

Now technically speakin I ain't 'sposed to be doin this
Like givin information to the ones that are new to this
You wanna make a record and get into the business?
Here's a little plan from a six-year witness
First you gotta understand the music game
It's not about fame, it's about a rich name
and who you're down with, and who you clown with
But most of all, you got to have a gift ("it's like that")
Either music or the fresh lyrics
or a vibe; people like to buy your spirit
Everybody knows KRS-One is dope
To really see it, you gotta use a telescope, hah!
There's no hope when you're shoppin for a deal
Either sex appeal, or the hard street feel
But if you don't have a lawyer you're a GONER
Don't even think about chillin in a sauna
You need a lawyer, and a good manager
Without this, the record companies won't be havin ya
So I'm grabbin ya now and showin ya how
not to get jerked when you do hard work!

"It's like that y'all" *16X*

"One, two, three, WHOO!"

Yo, there's more to it, but let's get through it
Many MC's reached the top and then BLEW it
You say, "I knew it, that last jam was wack"
Either you're strung out on crack, or you don't wanna
be black anymore, or, you don't wanna rap anymore
or, you do a wack tour, or, you get in trouble with the law
or, your fans you ignore, or, you get punched in the jaw
cause, you're not hardcore!
What makes a jam isn't luck or fate
It's writin the jams that the people can relate to
Or else they'll HATE you
The public will mark you down as a fake crew
You don't need allathat
Just rap from the heart and you'll have a good start
But a lot of MC's want girls
and wanna live on top of the world
In the jam they wanna flirt
Here's how not to get jerked when you do hard work!

"It's like that y'all" *16X*

Now understand, rap is rebellious music
Therefore, only the rebel should use it
But pop artists abuse it
When the audience hears real rap, they boo it
See rap music is a culture
And everyone outside that culture is a vulture
The vulture makes money on the culture
Understand, I ain't tryin to insult ya
But you're either usin rap like the devil
or you're pushin rap to another level
So don't wait for your company's promotions staff
Promote yourself with your own cash!
But this might mean you can't buy gold
You might have to put that on hold
Cause if the artist falls, they diss him!
But if the company falls, the artist falls with them!
This ain't about a tight skirt
Here's how not to get jerked when you do hard work!

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