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O Heaven

Blu & Exile

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O, Heaven
How could I forget you?
Rose to the occasion one day
Plucking petals
Stole something precious
Should've been the way I left you
But no matter what's changed
Be the best you
The rest grew restless as cousin's sleep
Wanted peace but the search wasn't deep
I invest in my week
To see a brighter Monday morn', but
Woke up on Tuesday in the same uniform
And through it all I try not to do you wrong
As I have in the past
Rapping other love songs
But it's kinda hard
Building lust when your trust gone
Money was the object of affect-
They ain't want John
Should've gone with my first love
Maybe moved out to Vigo and wrote books in cursive
Learned a little French and do the film I've been tryna make
And translate the feeling I was feeling at my modern-day
Took a break with the wiz
Gave the rhymes a break
Busted hard enough to make the condom break
No seeds, no sticks, no stems
Old gems found crumbled by the bubble-goose and Timbs
I can hear the hymns
And the choirs from the pews where
Mom sat listening to Sunday's blues
In the scuffed penny loafs that I stuffed a nickel into
All-white Easter suit that won't fit you
Sent through Heaven to Hell to sell dreams of
Places once dwelled
But I fell for the green stuff
Swore I could fly back and say hi again
But my money was no good
I needed time to spend
Brought me back to my youth when I was grinding with no loot
Book full of rhymes with the gold tooth
With the scripture engraved
Over a picture of the days
When I dreamt of being richer
Liquor pours
From the picture to the glass house
Built for lookers to remember the soul once 'membered: gone
Gotta find it in her
And we happily concur
Ever after
One blur
Marry matching, one word: love
Found crumpled in notebooks you never saw
Belittled thoughts and yada-yada
Drama side, my
Traumatized by, um
Falling off in the water
Which was softer than the ground-level
Found holding soul of daisies without petals
How special
Oh heaven, how could I forget you
My dedication to the muses

Love, love, my love
Heaven, heaven above
All that it once was
Stars lost and found us
Time, time goes by
Smiles, smiles that cry
Love, love, my love
Heaven, heaven above
All that it once was
Smiles kisses and hugs
Child misses that drug (?)
Love, love, my love

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