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I used to hang out with Irish, Smiley and Pete
down under the bridge where they all would meet
To commune with sandwiches, chips and Kool Aid
that the Salvation Army truck had made
But before I was there I was up on my perch
looking down wondering- where was the church?
Was it in some old building used one time a week
or was it with these guys hunger driving them to meet?

I thought “I’m gonna love ‘em, just watch- you’ll see.
I’ll go down and show ‘em what I’ve got inside me.”

So I tried to look homeless, put on my best rags
I thought incarnation would be a good gag
With love on my collar and grace on my shoes
I floated on down with my own kinda booze.
But down below I was certainly in for a treat
this Jesus I had they did not want to meet
They were kind and were gentle sacrificing what they had
to give to this “poor” girl sitting there looking sad.

I didn’t come bringing gifts, all I had was some love
and I was hoping to get some help from my dove.

But they all beat me to it, I arrived a little late
They were getting that love in the food that they ate
I got extra mustard and a skull on a ring
getting treated like I was the new underground queen
So what of it, Holy Spirit, how different are you,
if you flow in my body and walk in these old shoes?
I guess it just shows how things turn, what’s in store,
try to give all the answers and get left asking more.

I just know that love is love is love is love
if it comes from below or if it comes from above.

love is love is love is love is love...

Hey you there little lady
what you’re doing there is good
just don’t worry your sweet head, and keep on loving like you should
those lonely people down there
could use a listening ear
So if you wanna bring some love down,
bring the love but not the fear
but if you think that you love better
than the other one’s around
then you already lost the battle
gotta be lost before you’re found
cause love is love is love is love is love is...
So love a little, love a lot,
just give what you can,
Give what you got
love is love is...
so whether you love a little
and squeeze someone tight or you decide to give up your entire life
for another, it’s all good brother, it’s love
love is love love is love LOVE IS LOVE

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