After Party

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Every day an after party
Every day an after party
Every day an after party
Every day an after party

Champagne bottles, pretty girl, Moscato
Getting to the covers, no problem, cut the yatta
Every day an after party
Every day an after party
Woke up this morning, thrown on the Louie's
Keep some cameras on me cause my life is a movie
It's epic
Every day an after party
Every day an after party

[Verse 1]
I play in the Caribbean, swimming in them Benjamins
I was born flooding them, now it's time to ride on them
Forgiato, skinny tie, now it's time to emphasize
Make these niggas recognize I'm a Steven Spielberg
I direct the way you react, the every single word
The studio my VIP, and I'm on that lean on me
And I got some Puerto Rican bitches on their way to me
Plus a rock star spiked out, took a nigga fee


[Verse 2]
Yeah, every day an after party
In my Cardy's, rolling up a sack of Marley
Old school, I could've bought a black Ferrari
Blue diamonds, my jeweler tried to Avatar me
I got rich from the Knicks, you can ask Amari
Call me pimping king cause I know how to mack a Barbie
And I don't got games, sorry that's Atari
I'm in the club fried, calamari
Y'all tryina get them M's
I'm tryina get a B, something like that cat from Marcy
This should be illegal, y'all gonna have to charge me
Threw a 'on yo bitch, call it grand larceny


[Verse 3]
Pockets don't ' Ellie don't do that swag shit
Bad bitch, digging to rich, big in the jersey
Blood money, big face spinning, pussy we pass it
Hand cuffing, we dig 'em down, you niggas eat me
These niggas look and say, wanna see the Benz bitch?
Bugatti brought money but this ain't Puff, bitch
New wrist, get a new ho, new car, get a new crib
It's a movie, take a picture
It's epic the way that we live
700 for these LV's, wow, many hoes that live low
We wearing Gucci and no foe
Wearing trues and no fine
It ain't the same as Levi
My nigga riding 20 20, you niggas stuck in '09
We getting money, nigga


[Verse 4]
I'm geeking, have you fucking faded
Celebrating constipated, shitting on them bitch we made it
I'm kinda famous, my friends call stainless
Black on white hoes on my dick, cruise faces
My drink so potent, I'm always smoking
I pop one pill and I can't stop rolling
Cause this my party, she pop one molly
We fucked in the club, can't tell nobody
I'm on molly, she's the one to party
I don't want to fuck, the kind of a suck
4 4 nigga, I'm a town shorty
I never had shit and I'mma risk all 40
I bought the whole bar, but tell about the car
And you get done till you pop 10 bars

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