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100, 100, 100, 100 (x8)
You know I keep it (x4)

[Pusha T]
My life is but a dream pullin' cars up
Told you motherfuckers keys open doors up
Never excited when I'm seen with something gorgeous
But highway miles on these bitches like a tour bus
Daddy Warbucks, without a born trust
Diamonds all on this black gold like an oil rush
The highest quality, the chains are all flush
Known Jacobs since the nineties so he spoils us
Stock spoilers, no kits on 'em
Why Panamera, nine-eleve shits on 'em
Chuck the deuce as I Tokyo drift on 'em
The top drops like there's Bangladesh heat on 'em

100, 100, 100, 100, you never keep it (x4)

Yo, get yourself a hundred years tryin' to be the boss
Stand next to the chandeliers, you could see the shards
Ain't no diamonds in the watch, but you see the cross
When you spoon feed them that dope they need it more
All night, sweet sails
Four pipes, V twelves
Yeah, you know what them grams do
Bad bitch with me that the industry ain't ran through
Na, I ain't stop hustling yet, but I plan to
Own a bunch of vehicles and a bunch of land too
Yeah and I love it when the rush come
Ain't no secret that I keep it ninety-nine plus one

[Hook x2]
100, 100, 100, 100, you know I keep it
100, 100, 100, 100, you never keep it

[Mr. Bangladesh]
Y'all niggas fifty-fifty I keep it a hundred
I spit the truth in interviews, I keep it one hundred
I'm the shit, smell the fumes, my nigga we plungin'
And the 808s on a leash, they say it's a monster
Got my own label, fucked around and signed myself
Had a plan and stuck to it, you fuckboys is stuck boy
Bangladesh new shit ropin' like a cowboy
On my Tony Romo shit, you niggas just some towel boys
Tell the whole world to suck my cockiness
My checks eight figures like a octopus
Three hundred thou for the watch and rocky shit
These other niggas fakin' and I ain't afraid to say I keep it

[Hook x2]

[2 Chainz]
A hundred miles and running, nigga with an attitude
Bitch I'm so fly, you should check the altitude
I'm ballin', ballin' like an alley-oop
My girl heel so high she need a parachute
Get 'em, I got 'em let me at 'em
My condo on Jupiter, my neighbors on Saturn
Murcielago, flow with some eye candy
I go to trial Monday, I been takin' panties
Hundred degrees in the mic booth
I'm from where you put golds on the white tooth
And when you walk in and she might look
Might get took, might get fucked
A bunch of bitches in the skip line
I'm known to get mine ten out of ten times
I paid a hundred thousand for the old school
Known to keep it one hundred on the Pro Tools

[Hook x2]

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