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Band Of Horses

Relly's Dream

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By raging fire, it's the last moment of a single memory of mine.
And it best become to find the ring is ours
Every little second of the time is ours and when
we come, we come far.
Am I a minute too late? Did I even say? Did I laugh in the moment in a personal way?
I get down as fuck on the city's past
A grimace on my face when your legs collapsed.
I don't want to ever come off like that..
Dream of me, brother, when the tank is out.

Lay your body down
if the day is over now
Your legs you dangle off the bed
You're fearless in your head.

And my main desire;
not the past, present, or the future way to spend your life.
So we rested all night, and the taste is sour.
Every single minute of every single hour and when
the friends you leave behind
Can they get brought back? Cause there's something to say:
I was having second thoughts, but they came too late
I got dropped by the swamp and stuck in a rutt
I couldn't believe we made the second cut.
My god, how did things get to be this bad?
I dream of you, sister, while I'm gone for now.

I'm sleeping, thinking loud
All the sheets get tossed around
Events you might have didn't did
In the dreams we'll live again

Waking, finding out while the dreams are winding down
the awful things that might have been
You can fix them in the end

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